Token booking system

Tokenbuddy is an app to manage crowd/queues efficiently by issuing tokens in customer-facing businesses and departments. It reduces wait times for customers and makes service smooth. Tokens are the best way to get your customer to be patient till their turn comes and maintain decorum. Token buddy aims to enhance the experience of waiting for physical cues and change it into a digital one.

    With the pandemic, it is necessary to avoid standing in queues and taking risks. It provides a strong solution against Covid-19 keeping in mind people's fear of health and hygiene.

Smart Features

Auto generated tokens

Multi department handling carried out smoothly.

SMS based Notifications

Sounds and display information

Send Alert before the customer's turn.

App Visuals

Looking for Token booking solution ?

Highlighted Features

Customized Tokens

Single Click Check in - Check Out

Reduce Waiting Time

Single Click booking

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