Microsoft has been a trusted company for more than four decades now. The technology introduced by Microsoft always helps businesses reduce their problems and find robust solutions. We at Appegic leverage the ASP.NET development platform for serving better results to our clients. Connect with us today and let us help you with your business needs.



ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which can help you operate your company skillfully. Nowadays, enterprises find it hard to handle everything manually. Enterprise Resource Planning using different technologies will help you in achieving a sync in a way where everything works according to you.

Custom software

Custom software solution tend to your business-specific needs. A general software won’t be able to do that and you would have to bear the burden of extra costs for the additional features. Get tailor-made solutions for your business needs and don’t go with a generalized software. Connect with us today and know how we can help you in building a custom software for your business.

custom Development


With the use of ASP.NET development platform we have been able to build amazing websites for our client’s businesses. As it is an open-source platform we save cost while still offering robust solutions to our clients. Leveraging this technology has proven effective and provided noticeable results to our clients.

Why choose us?

  • In-house Tech experts from various fields have a decade worth of experience.
  • Managing, organizing, building, and maintenance services through modern technologies.
  • Customization services for your business needs.
  • Industry-specific solutions through every service.
  • Use of open-source resources to save cost.
  • Using inputs and keeping in mind the end-user of the client.
Microsoft_Why Choose us

Specialized Industries



Built a custom software app for our clients for the management of their orders and tracking their customers’ favorites.



Helped a finance firm with Enterprise Resource Planning for seamless handling of their firm in an organizational way.


Media and entertainment

Built a custom web app for an OTT platform of our client that served international users.



Built software for a school so they can track their student’s homework and history of learning through that app.


    What Can We Build for You?

    Let’s discuss your ideas. We will send you an NDA before we talk.
    All the information is kept confidential.