Any website or app development service has the core of designing. Designing is critical for a business to improve the overall compatibility. With an amazingly designed and easy direction website, it would be easier for your end-users to get an idea about what you do and make quick decisions to commence business with you. All the aspects of designing are covered with our effortless design services.

Motion & Graphics Design


With graphics and motion designing it is easier to have a brand identity. Your visuals define your business through different sets of images. Motion designing is an extended part of graphic designing but it mainly deals with giving a business live visuals rather than stills.

UI/UX Designing

User interface and user experience are some of the most important aspects of a website. It decides whether a lead will stay on your website enough to be converted into sales. It is also about giving your end-users a visually and overall fulfilling experience with the website aesthetics as well as its working ability.




A wireframe is the first draft of your website’s user interface and what goes on the website. It is better to do modifications seeing the wireframe design, so the end product is up to your expectations. With the help of wireframe services, you will have a clear vision of what will be presented to your end-users and if it will surpass their experience on your website.

Why choose appegic for designing

  • Thorough research and understanding of your brand message.
  • Appegic crafts responsive design keeping in mind end-users, client’s insights as well as expert’s knowledge.
  • Design solutions for your website using popular design tools.
  • Research where your website lacks in case of a website redesign.
  • Graphics and visuals to develop a brand identity for your business.
  • Motion design services provide a live video for your audience.
UI UX Design_Why choose appegic for designing

Specialized Industries


Gaming industry

With our design services, we created an interactive UI/UX design. We built an attractive mobile app that was perfect for our client from the gaming industry.


Real estate

Real estate website with motion designs and graphics to give an insight into our client’s business for their end-user experience.


Retail business

Our client wanted an interactive website where their end-users can see what the product looks like virtually.


Media & Entertainment

With our motion designing services, we provide our clients from the media and entertainment industry with motion posters for their films.


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