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At Nayara Energy, we are committed to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to the communities in which we operate. INSTANT, SECURE, REWARDING fuel expense management for transporters. Used by Nayara Energy (Formerly known as Essar Oil) Retail Outlets to carry out FleetPlus transactions. We are leveraging our experience and expertise for building holistic programs that deliver stronger and more inclusive impact.

Key Features

E-Fuel slip generation

An E-fuel slip can be generated by the transporter and office manager through the respective android application login.

Issuance of E-Fuel slip

the transporter can see different office locations and will select the office location, for which they want to manage the purchases.

Transfer Amount from RO Wallet to Nayara

The RO will be able to enter any amount and initiate the amount transfer from within the application.

Issue RO Credit to Transporter

The RO can assign a credit limit to any transporter’s manager in the Loyalty system.

App Visuals

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Application Highlights

Maker & Checker

Once the maker (DFM or TSM) submits, the form goes to ZFM (checker/any role which is marked as checker).

On-Boarding / Enrolment - Driver

The Drivers can be enrolled by simply filling out and submitting the Driver enrolment form.

Offline Saving of Enrolment Forms

Forms will be submitted without an internet connection so that the maker can enter some details and save the form without having to submit it.

Mobile Number Authentication

This feature includes all the enrolled users/entities along with the form numbers and their mobile numbers for authentication.

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