Inventory Management System

Our client has a small to medium size retail and wholesale business setup. They were facing various operational issues leading from managing inventory to payment problems.

    This caused a lot of issues for our clients as they were feeling it difficult to get everything organized. According to our R&D team, many business owners in the retail and wholesale industry face the same issue.

    Our development team analyzed and understood the problems and the significant pain points. They developed a strong and efficient Inventory management solution for solving all the issues faced by the client with automation.
Inventory Management System

Key Features

Key Features

Customer Management

Get your customer details along with their Previous Purchase order details and Payment
details. This keeps everything in one place.

Product Management

Manage your products as the owner of the business no matter its volume.

Supplier Management

Manage supplier details with their business information along with their branch details.

Stock Reminder

Be alert about the quantity of your stock. With auto-reminder, you get notified when
your stock is less than the minimum quantity.


Digitize your business with our Inventory Management Solution

Smart Features

Smart Features


Check your monthly or yearly sales, Current Balance, Latest Stock, and all your Activities
on the Dashboard.

Manage Banking Accounts

Add your banking accounts and manage your bank balance by accessing your entire
payment history at once.

GST Return Management

Get your GST bill managed and calculated for each customer at once. Be on time for
managing your GST.

Sales & Purchase Management

Find complete sales details of individual Customers with Payment Details in just one

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