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CinePrime is fully loaded with entertaining content. Get popular movies, amazing web series, and more, all in the language you prefer. The app is bundled with power pack features such as saving offline videos, TV casting, creating watchlists, etc. to make your life easier. Download CinePrime App now and enter the world of entertainment.


Promos and Discounts

The admin can offer promo codes and offers to users when they subscribe to the app for a long time, preferably a year.

Manage Menus

The admin can manage menus listed on the app, based on user preferences. They can also list the videos based on genres.

Video Ads

The admin can monetize the app by displaying advertisements before or in between the video content.


The admin can see the transactions done by each customer, by Transactions admin can count his earnings by filter options


Premium Features

Adaptive Video Sharing

When the user’s internet speed keeps fluctuating, the app adjusts the video quality that it finds adaptable to the moment.

Offline Video Access

Users can download and store videos in the app for viewing them offline when they don’t have access to the internet.

Subscribe Channels

Users can subscribe to their favorite video channels, and they will be notified every time they upload a video.

Message Pop-ups

Users are updated whenever their favorite channel publishes a new video through instant pop-up notifications.

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