Top 8 Benefits of Choosing Laravel For Your Next Project

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The world is now working in an open-source environment and if you are looking to develop a web application with a PHP framework that is fast, trustworthy, scalable, and flexible, Laravel is your go-to framework. Some tasks that might take hundreds of lines of code can now easily be included in your web application with the help of a single line or two due to the excellent built-in modules available in open-source PHP frameworks. In this blog, we will discuss the basics of Laravel, the key features of this PHP framework, and why it is better than other frameworks from one of the top laravel development company in USA

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework conceptualized by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It came into effect because the current framework at the time (CodeIgniter) didn’t support critical functions including user authentication and authorization. 

As it is an open-source framework, it is improved frequently as developers build the latest modules and capabilities. With tens of advantages of Laravel, it has become a go-to framework recommended by the Best Laravel service in the USA. 

Important Features of Laravel Framework

Laravel has various benefits and we will discuss some of the key features in this blog.

  • Security – If your website runs user data and payments, your major concern is security. For instance, if you want to develop an eCommerce app, you will get a lot of useful information on a daily basis. The Laravel framework uses SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, scripting, etc. The codebase is used a lot and it is quite secure for web apps. There are online communities and tutorials which can be accessed by your development team if they face any issues along the way.
  • Authentication and Authorization – When a user logs into your website and wants to buy a product, it is imperative for them to identify themselves before making a purchase. You may lose these users if there is a delay of even a few seconds and that is where Laravel is so good due to its plug-and-play authentication systems which are lightning-fast and secure at the same time.
  • Fast Caching Integrations – If you want a great user experience, the website needs to be super fast. A seamless cache integration system is crucial for this to happen. Laravel supports famous cache backends including Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box and it is configured to store cached objects in the file system. Moreover, Laravel will enable developers to build multiple cache configurations needed for large websites.
  • Error-free Forms – User forms are one of the biggest challenges for your website, especially the error messages that pop up when a user types the wrong information. Laravel uses a built-in error and exception handling system. As it works with the Monolog logging library, Laravel supports a number of powerful log handlers to sort out user errors quickly and efficiently.
  • Fast URL Routing – Laravel enables developers to build a new package and publish it to the developer community. Due to the service provider, developers can simply plug in any package with 2 lines of code and install a package from the packagist. It is a remarkable advantage of Laravel.
  • MVC architecture Support – Laravel comes with MVC architecture support to offer a quick turnaround time for development. A developer can work on the business logic and the rest of the team can work on the controller simultaneously.
  • Uni-testing – It is designed in a novel way of testing and checking to track if the changes have affected the web or not.
  • Template Engine – Laravel widgets enable the development of dynamic websites, which is the need of the hour. It builds a solid structure for the web application which is a benefit of the framework.

Why is Laravel better than other Frameworks?

By now, we have briefly covered the advantages of this super fast and reliable PHP framework used by top-quality web applications around the world. Now, let us see why we recommend Laravel over other Frameworks:

  • Fast – Laravel is around 35 percent faster to build a web application than building a web app from scratch.
  • Cost-effective – As thousands of hours of coding time are reduced by its efficient modules and handy templates, Laravel can save you tons of money per project.
  • Tried and Tested – Laravel has been in the market for more than 10 years now, and there are thousands of developers working on the system which makes it a large and reliable community compared to other frameworks.
  • Responsive – As it comes with speedy caching integrations and protocols, your web is responsive.
  • Flexible – With the help of modules built to develop and configure for any language, viewing environment, or user experience, it is a flexible framework for developers.
  • Collaborative – Laravel has a dual programming structure that enables design staff to make changes easily and build responsive solutions for your business.
  • Third-party integrations – Any website or web app requires third-party integrations. Whether it is a payment gateway or incorporates any marketing tool. Due to Laravel, third-party integrations are seamless and faster for developers.
  • Heavy Traffic – Some websites can generate heavy traffic and it may slow down the website. A website developed on the Laravel framework is quite efficient at traffic handling. It comes with a unique message queue system using which it is easier to schedule your emails. It is possible to handle the traffic and run the website smoothly by managing the time-consuming tasks.


By now, you must have understood why we recommend Laravel over other PHP frameworks due to its numerous business and technical advantages. A creative Laravel Development Company often moves to this framework based on the client’s requirements. If you are looking to revamp your existing website or develop a new website, it is best to go with the Laravel framework. It is an ideal framework for your development team and for the business. Laravel efficiently reduces the development time and significantly reduces the cost. What are you waiting for? Reduce your costs and take your business website or web app to the next level with the help of the Laravel framework. 

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