Linkbot – Business Automation solution

linkbot empowers individuals whose ideas, thoughts, and focus build excellent businesses they work for. we have a tendency to deliver the world’s most refined Digital hands Platform creating work for a lot of humans by automating business processes and liberating individuals.

Linkbot is cloud-based business productivity and automation software that helps businesses to unlock their potential by integrating their data into a unified dashboard, automating business workflows, and optimizing processes.


Robotize Your Accounting

Create and send proficient-looking solicitations in seconds. Track your installments and pay.

Customizable Real-Time Dashboard

Understand your business’ capability, appointments, revenue, and selling conversion in a very look.

Unique Workflow

Our extremely customizable rule engine square measure able to handle advanced event processes, and change them effortlessly.

Build Higher Client Relationships

Be on a par with the industry’s leader commonplace of client service. Bring your client support on WhatsApp with our intelligent Chatbot.


Flexible Pricing Built For Every Business Need

Silent Features

Automated Planning System

Characterize every one of your administrations and supplier, show their accessibility, and clients can change their booking.

Comprehensive Reminding System

Send transporting refreshes, conveyance updates, installment updates, shipping updates and other alters over WhatsApp.

Intelligent Database

We track each outlay created by your purchasers. Provide you the insight into your clients’ outlay behavior.

Grow Your Business With Good Marketing

With our good information and period Dashboard, you perceive your business and shoppers additional comprehensively.

Our Expertise in Technologies


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