Learning Matters – Educating with AI

A virtual voice teacher powered by Artificial Intelligence. Teaches international-standard English to children, young adults, and adults. Works in any teaching-learning setting including schools and higher educational institutions.

    We improve student learning outcomes by building teacher competency. And, we do all of this with technology. Artificial Intelligence, to be precise. A teacher, when empowered with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities, creates a strong, lifelong impact on generations of learners.
Learning Matters – Educating with AI

AI and NLP-powered, cloud-based, virtual voice teacher

AI and NLP-powered, cloud-based, virtual voice teacher

Blended learning with voice technology and books

Natural, live conversational practice augments traditional learning from books

Native English fluency

A live model of flawless, grammatically-correct English with accurate pronunciation

Individual assessment and scoring

AI automatically tracks the progress and performance of each learner

Personalised learning

Each learner works on a learning path unique to them based on assessments

Smart Solutions of Learning Matters

Digitize your school with the help of Learning Matters

The Best Teacher Training Program

The Best Teacher Training Program

Live workshops

Expert trainers conduct in-person workshops several times yearly to train, demonstrate and assess teachers.

Video conferences

Live workshops are strongly supported by video sessions

Mentorship calls

Teachers have one-on-one calls with mentor trainers to receive individualized, customized support.

Whatsapp groups

24/7 sharing of ideas, strategies, and techniques by Learning Matters and sharing of implementation by teachers

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