Project Highlights

Teach-Ease is a simple curriculum-based customizable tool that helps teachers focus on imparting knowledge. Teach-Ease is delivered via any web browser, without the need for extra high-speed internet connectivity. Content can be delivered online for download and print

  • Wide variety of content – text, graphics, animation, voice-over, video
  • Archivable content for easy revision
  • Simple to administer
  • Matrix structure to access across curriculum and classes
  • Teacher Mode: Prepare, Teach, Assign, Validate
  • Student Mode: Revise, Verify
  • Content readily available or specific content uploaded
  • Covers any content, language, and mathematical symbols
Project Highlights

Technologies we used


Key challenges

Teachers were unable to prepare before classes leading to disorganization sometimes.

No track record of students and their progress. To see if the students are going in the right direction was not easily depicted by either parents or teachers.

Personal interaction was not happening promptly. It was important as the teachers can know each student's strengths and weaknesses individually.

Teachers were also not able to depict which areas they can make changes in their method to be able to impart knowledge in an enhanced way to their students.

Pre-planning of lessons was not possible due to less time and management issues.

Due to less time, there was no time for extra classes, revisions, and extracurricular activities.

Key challenges

Solution by Appegic

Solution by Appegic

Enhance the personal interaction between teacher and student to transfer knowledge, not content and provide an experiential learning to the learner – especially developing the mid-tier education segment.

Adherence to set standards of school curriculum increasing market reputation

Better management of student learning with parents, increasing market reputation

Ability to finish portions early, thus eliminating extra classes, practice more and revise more

Saves time, more self learning and ability to review assignments

Ability to keep pace with teaching and focus more on teaching, than copying from the blackboard.

Improved performance – self evaluation of gap areas between student’s answer and correct answer

Parents can monitor, track and assess child’s learning and school standard

Parents have ability to understand what the child’s learning gap is and help correct it.

Improved performance, since student saves time on catching up on the notes etc.

Development process




Understanding the problems the teachers, students, parents as well as educational institutions were facing. Coming up with a web app that can solve all of the problems of the concerned entities at once.




Wireframe design of the web app with different modes of login for teachers, students, etc.
Easy to depict the design which is understandable by all the concerned people.




Web app development according to the wireframe designs and modifications after the prototype. Testing within the institutions to analyze how the web app is performing and if it needs any modifications.




Web app successfully delivered with several modes.
Further maintenance of the web app and medications as per the need if and when required.