Project Highlight

There are hundreds and thousands of corporate insurance holders. To maintain the record of all the policyholders manually is overwhelming for our client who is a leading insurance broker. The insurance broker’s issue was keeping track records, doing calculations for everyone, explaining the policy input to the policyholders, claim submissions, queries, etc.

VIBPL is built keeping in mind the pain points the brokers were facing. The web application is designed to make the insurance process easier for both our client and their end-users.


Some of the key characteristics of VIBPL is:-

Policy Input for corporate clients

Premium calculation dynamically based upon the premium chart

Top-up policy option. With the display and submission facility

Claim intimation and form submission

Claim payment (offline)

Calculations of premium amount collection of the policies taken by corporate clients.

Clients are notified for events such as employee modification approval etc.

Health card downloading

Login feature for Broker, HR, employee and client was also added

Some of the key characteristics of VIBPL is:-

Understanding that a manual process is getting tiresome for our client, we made sure that the common and redundant processes for any insurance holder can be automated. Our R&D team concluded that claim reminders, submissions, and calculations of the amount can be done easily by a web application. Even the policy renewal and the cost at the end of the insurance claim are calculated by this competent web application.

This helped our client give a transparent idea to the policyholders thus increasing their trust. It also minimized the manual process done before. All the notifications and reminders help them collect the due amount in a timely manner. The automation process helps them get more clientele thus, increasing revenue.SOluto




Understanding the need for customization for testing as per business requirements.




Easy to depict the design which is  understandable by all the stockholders.




Customer testing to analyze how the web solution is performing and if it needs any modifications.