5 Major ERP Trends That Will Revive the Food & Industry in 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry and the food and beverage industry is still trying to come out of this crisis. Due to this, many businesses have revamped their operational strategies to meet the challenges of evolving consumer demand, market uncertainty, and ongoing supply chain challenges. The industry needed the right technology to play a significant role to promote business processes to enable them to make a roaring comeback caused by the pandemic.

The ERP for the food and beverage industry is preferred by the majority of businesses as business software that allows them to boost their income and manage to recover from the damages that occurred during the COVID-19 crisis. As more businesses started to depend heavily on ERP solutions to run their businesses, these systems managed to grow and cover a wider range of complex functionalities. In this blow, we will discuss the global food ERP trends that we can expect in 2022 and beyond.

The Importance of ERP Software

Every business looks to improve its processes to be able to optimize its resources. The ERP system has achieved the strength to expand its reach to support complex business functions including HR, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, etc. These businesses take the help of ERP software solutions to reduce their overhead costs by mitigating redundant processes and automating their daily tasks. This is one of the main reasons why companies are happy to invest in ERP solutions to grow and manage their digital ecosystem. 

Let’s check out the 5 main reasons why ERP software is important for the food and beverage industry. 

Data Accessibility & Convenience

The Food and beverage industry has always relied on gathering user and operational data for precise decision-making. It allows them to produce or manage their inventory efficiently. 

For example, think about the pandemic time, users may prioritize their needs on daily essentials rather than luxury items. So, the essential demand will effectively rise. This data is gold for businesses to cut back on luxury food items and focus on selling the bare essentials. Similarly, businesses can use this data to offer better customer service. ERP software is an amalgamation of data and technology that enables organizations to be flexible and meet the rising demand of certain goods.

Managing Costs Efficiently

The food and beverage businesses are going through supply chain disruptions and a number of other pandemic-induced challenges. It is taking significantly longer to meet rising user demands. 

Businesses need ERP software to manage these issues and reduce the effect of the current times. These systems enable businesses to adapt to growing demands to start digital strategies for improving business processes and managing operational costs.

Meet Evolving Customer Needs

User preferences have evolved after the pandemic and it is on the rise. In the current scenario, users are focussed on buying healthy food products that offer immunity and long-term benefits.

Changed preferences played a significant role for the Food and beverage companies and they had to change their strategies accordingly to meet the changing demands. An ERP software enables organizations to have all the information handy and assists them to adapt quickly. 

5 Major Technology ERP Trends We Will See in 2022

Shifting to Cloud

The Cloud has managed to rule the ERP trends in 2022 too. When some businesses were going for on-premise ERP systems, the pandemic highlighted the importance of ERP solutions that are easily accessible from anywhere. The Cloud also offers the advantages of flexibility, agility, and enhanced connectivity. It allowed the employees to work from home and connect with any device to get their work done. 


It is safe to say that ERP software is an additional investment for companies that are already using multiple systems for business operations. ERP apps that offer easy integration assist businesses to reduce deployment time and cost. For instance, by using an ERP application with their current system, food, and beverage companies can enhance their workflows, record payments, update inventory, and keep a check on order fulfillment. 

AI-Powered System

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging trend and will continue to grow in 2022. It is capable of scanning large data quantities which is not feasible manually. This information provides novel data to assist business processes. These companies can mitigate risks by managing the demand and supply of certain food products so that the shelf life of the products is not impacted due to logistics. It also helps to improve the overall business process. Moreover, an ERP system offers voice assistance to interpret user’s voices and respond with the help of already stored data in the ERP system.

Predictive Analytics

It is an extension of an AI-infused ERP system. ERP apps collect operational and customer data and the predictive analytics tool uses unstructured information to discover the latest food trends. For instance, ERP software with the help of predictive analysis can predict changing food trends and demand surges that are most likely to emerge during the pandemic. It allows organizations to manage their inventory and handle incoming delivery orders. 

Mobile ERP is a Key

The Sale of Goods is dependent on past data but due to the lockdown and social distancing norms around the world, businesses are short of staff and not everyone is allowed to work from the office. Due to this, most employees are dependent on using mobile/tablet devices to access, collect and transfer critical data. As a result, Mobile ERP is the most important trend in 2022. These systems allow the business staff to work from anywhere and access business data safely. Hence, employees can easily manage the business processes and customer queries from their mobile devices. Mobile ERP is one of the major reasons why businesses can collaborate and work efficiently from different locations. 

Final Words: Evolving ERP Trends in 2022 and beyond

In the coming years, the food and beverage businesses will want their ERP software to work from anywhere as long as there is stable internet connectivity. Another trend to be excited about is the advancement of ERP software’s supply chain management features to protect businesses against another COVID wave. Appegic, an innovative ERP Development Company, builds state of the art ERP solutions that allow the Food and Beverage industry to thrive in this competitive market. If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit from ERP solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us or let us know in the comments below. 


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